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Art of Racing Ltd began life in 2011 when the meeting of minds between three mates, who sailed OK Dinghies, grew into an idea to start a company. All three were passionate about the design and functionality of high end racing yacht equipment. Art of Racing Ltd now provides the highest quality boom spars for both the International OK Dinghy and Finn class yachts. AOR booms regularly fill the top placings at many of the major OK Dinghy regattas around the world. In 2015 AOR are looking to continue growth and expand further into the Finn class with the introduction of a brand new boom section.

Alistair Deaves
Alistair is a skilled boat builder and craftsman who has sailed OK dinghies his whole life. He is responsible for the assembly of AOR products and ensures that all equipment that leaves his workshop meets his high standards.
Mike Wilde (Oscar)
Oscar's experience and skills in the business world have ensured that AOR has a solid foundation and strategy to allow growth and sustainability.
Russell Wood
Russell comes with years of experience in the marine industry, having been involved in many high profile race yacht projects.


Finn Boom

In 2014 we decided to start with a blank sheet of paper and focus on the two most important aspects of a good dinghy boom; weight and stiffeness. Through a process of optimisation, we have been able to produce a section that will achieve minimum weight as well as match, if not surpass the stiffeness of other Finn booms sections currently available.
Our sections are extruded from high quality 6061 T6 aluminium, meaning, it is a high strength, durable product, that perfoms well in a harsh marine environment.

We have put alot of emphasis on the fit out, ensuring ouly the best quality blocks and fittings are used. We have also incorperated several custom fittings, that are unique to Art of Racing Ltd, to ensure the weight is kept to a minimum and the boom perfoms as it should around the race track.

The advantage of an Art of Racing boom is that, whether you are a top level olympic athlete, masters competitor or club racer, you will get a boom that works straight out of the box and is backed by a 3 year warranty.

OK Boom

under construction


AOR Quick Release Boom Bolt
3d Interactive
AOR Vang Lever Assembly
3d Interactive
folding trolley for OK dinghy

coming soon


Alistair Deaves

Mike Wilde

Russell Page-Wood

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